UCFTR Is Recruiting Peer Coordinators! Join Our Team!

June 7, 2021

The SLC Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources program is seeking enthusiastic highly motivated student leaders who are committed to the vision of Democratic Education at Cal and fellow student facilitators. As a Peer Coordinator, you will provide campus-mandated training for first-time facilitators as well as consultation services for ongoing DeCal facilitators.

If you are interested in this position and you possess prior DeCal or group facilitation experience, we encourage you to apply to become a UCFTR Peer Coordinator!

To view additional information about the position and to apply, visit bit.ly/ucftr-app(link is external). For more information about the program and its services, please visit https://slc.berkeley.edu/ucftr. Upcoming review dates are June 10th and June 28th!

UCFTR Job Card/Description