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Photocopying Procedure

The SLC copy machine is available on a limited basis to SLC student staff who need to copy materials for their designated SLC activities (study groups, workshops, etc.). Use of the SLC copy machine for non-SLC activities is not allowed.

The photocopy machine is located in rm. 122 Chávez, and requires an access code which your supervisor can provide. The room itself is kept locked; your supervisor or any available SLC staff member can unlock it for you.

Your supervisor will provide instructions on the operation of the copy machine. If you encounter a paper jam or other trouble with the copy machine please see Holly in rm. 133 for assistance.

Please plan ahead for your copying needs, and consider whether material can be made available on-line for students to review or to download and print. Print materials can also be scanned using the copy machine so that they can be made available electronically; talk to your supervisor if you feel this would be a good option for your students.