Research Associate Program

Background image: Research Associate Program

What We Do

The SLC Research Associate Program seeks to demystify the research process and acclimate students to the rigor and practice of research at Cal. RAP fellows acquire the tools to produce an original research project from start to finish and receive both a stipend and individualized academic support for their work. Currently, our support is tailored to low-income, first-generation junior transfer students. Our first two iterations were funded by the University of California Office of the President, and we are excited to continue the program for Summer 2021.

Our Philosophy

We believe that undergraduate research is an essential pathway to academic and lifelong success. From promoting academic engagement to cultivating a sense of belonging, research provides students not only with the tools to succeed academically, but also with the skills, connections, and confidence necessary to thrive beyond their undergraduate years. As a part of SLC Discovery, RAP also emphasizes the importance of personally meaningful, project-based learning. Our program complements the many other undergraduate research opportunities available on campus by leveraging the resources of the SLC to offer highly structured mentorship and rigorous academic writing support to students who are especially new to the research process. Through our focus on low-income, first-generation junior transfers, we seek to improve equity of access for students whose research opportunities are most impacted due to their limited time on campus.