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Statement of Affirmation

The staff of the Student Learning Center hereby affirm our commitment to social justice and all of the following:

  • Serve all students with rigor and integrity, regardless of their ability, ethnicity, citizenship status, gender, political views, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation;

  • Honor and respect the humanity of all people, regardless of their ability, ethnicity, citizenship status, gender, political views, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation;

  • Condemn all acts of violence, hate crimes, and hate speech--especially against historically marginalized communities;

  • Challenge ourselves and one another to engage in conversations with whom we may disagree or differ, in hope of uniting against bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination of all people;

  • Stand in solidarity with students and members of all marginalized communities;

  • Provide a productive space for students and for ourselves to realize our collective power, greatness, and ability to impact positive change in the world;

  • Model courage by speaking up and acting against any injustice, threatening acts, or human rights violations;

  • Support efforts to heal and improve our country during this divisive and highly charged political climate and;

  • Remain committed and vigilant in order to support students in their efforts to Seek Knowledge, Locate Passion, & Change the World.