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For SLC Alumni

We welcome your generous donation of time, knowledge, advocacy, and experience to the Student Learning Center! We invite you to contribute as:


  • Serve as a panelist for professional development panels and tutor training seminars

  • Help us launch our fundraising and tutor endowment campaigns  

  • Serve on our SLC Alumni Advisory Board

  • Volunteer at the SLC Science Teaching Olympics and End of the Year Celebrations


  • Share your academic and professional trajectories with SLC students and tutors

  • Mentor current SLC tutors interested in pursuing similar professional fields

  • Mentor graduating SLC tutors ready to pursue their goals


  • Contribute to our historical archives as we enter our fifth decade

  • Share pictures of your time at the SLC

  • Share written and video testimonials: 

    1. about your fondest memories at the SLC

    2. about how the SLC has influenced your academic, personal, and professional transformation 

Part of the growing SLC network

  • Join our SLC Alumni Chapter to network with fellow SLC Alumni

  • Attend alumni socials and homecoming events

  • Connect with SLC Alums who may be relocating to your region 

  • Keep us up-to-date about where you are and what you are up to

  • Spread the word and reach out to fellow alums about SLC endeavors

  • Like us on Facebook, Join us on Linked IN, or Follow us on Twitter