SLC Supervisor CalTime Protocols

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Key Questions

What designations do SLC tutors have in the CalTime system? 

SLC tutors are Exempt Biweekly AnyTime employees! Please note that information, guides, and communications regarding Realtime/Non-Exempt/Monthly employees do not apply to SLC tutors.

Note: Ambassadors for some programs are Realtime Employees and more information about processing their hours is forthcoming.

How do approvers distinguish where they report their hours in CalTime from where they approve peer staff hours in CalTime?

Step 1: When logging into CalTime you will see:

Step 2: Click the '+' icon and select "My Information" from the drop-down menu to view, update, and approve your own timecard.

Step 3: Click "Manage My Department" to enter supervisor mode and approve staff timecards. This should be your default window that is open when you log in to CalTime. 

How do peer staff and approvers distinguish between pay rates/positions when reporting or approving time?

Different positions have corresponding “Friendly Names” assigned to them. When reporting time, staff enter amounts and select in the “Transfer” column the Friendly Name matching the position/pay rate. When approving timecards, approvers should verify that these hours are entered correctly. You should be able to filter this information in the totals area. Approvers should stay up-to-date with the current Friendly Names for peer staff’s different positions. The live document containing peer staff friendly names and position eligibility can be found here.

What happens when approvers (or peer staff) forget to approve time cards which have saved time on them?

If time was recorded/saved on the timecard before the end of the pay period, it will be paid out normally. No approvals are necessary for time to be paid. However, they are strongly recommended to ensure that hours are reported and recorded accurately.

What happens if peer staff do not submit ANY time for a pay period? How do we handle late pay in CalTime?

The peer staff member must fill out a Manual TimeCard you can see further instructions in the Manual Timesheet section below. 

Manual Timesheets

Instructions for having staff submit Manual Timesheets

Your peer staff should submit manual timesheets following the directions in the Manual Timesheet Form Template. Please make a copy of this and personalize it for your program. This will allow them to get access to the timesheet, directions for how to fill them out, and give a convenient way for them to submit the timesheet to you. 

Below are instructions that you for what staff need to do to fill out manual timesheets. This is also included in the Manual Timesheet Submission Form Template.

Please find the Biweekly manual timesheet here.

  • The information you need to include on the top two rows is:
    • Employee Name:Your name on UCPath records. To find this, log in to UCPath; it will be the name on the upper-left;
    • UCB EID:your UCPath ID. To find this, log in to UCPath; "EID" stands for "Employee ID" and will be in the upper-left;
    • Title:“Tutor”;
    • Department:“Student Learning Center”;
    • Bi Weekly Pay Period From:Pay Period Begin Date and To:Pay Period End Date. The begin and end dates of different pay periods are listed in the appropriate Biweekly calendar here
  • For Pay Code write "Reg" and input the total amount of hours [rounded to the nearest 0.25 hour] you worked from Begin Date to End Date in the "Hours" section. In the “Other” column please write the appropriate Friendly Name: either “UOSLC-DYNAMIC-TUT”,  “UOSLC-STRUCT-TUT” or “UOSLC-AMBASSADOR”
  • Once you have completed the Manual timesheet, sign and date it in the “Employee’s Signature” section (either by printing it out or electronically using a Tablet/Adobe Acrobat) and email your supervisor with the signed timesheet. Your supervisor will then sign it and send it to payroll for processing. 

HR/BEARs will process an off-cycle payment for you which may process and pay out on a different timeline than the usual pay dates for that pay period. Please note, that this process is carried out by UCPath and not the Student Learning Center.

Please see the image below as a reference of a correctly filled out timesheet