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Academic Success and Strategic Learning Resources

What We Do

Our staff works with Cal undergraduates to achieve academic success while maintaining health, balance, and well-being. You can expect guidance in the following areas: Time Management, Goal-setting, Effective Reading Strategies, Exam Preparation and Performance, Lecture Notetaking, Writing and Research, Public Speaking, Studying, and Enhancing Learning. We also work with students to explore and access campus resources that support students' success.


Academic Success and Strategic Learning Courses

Taking an Education 98/198 SLC Study Strategies course is a fantastic way to build transformative learning strategies over a 15-week semester alongside other scholars who are looking to enhance their learning processes for academic success.  The courses explore ways to build academic engagement and intellectual curiosity given both the amazing opportunities and challenges at a research university.  Course tackle key learning strategies topics:  Goal Setting, Time Management, Critical Reading and Notetaking, Exam Preparation and Test Taking, Building Collaboration Skills, and Maximizing Campus resources.  These small seminar courses allow for active learning, engaging discussion, and social connections that build motivation, academic confidence, and metacognitive skills to succeed with peers.  These courses have a 25+ year-history of students' exploring their learning processes to achieve success at Cal.

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Not offered in Fall 2018

 Individual Appointments

A Strategic Learning Coach is available for Individual appointments to discuss a wide array of issues related to achieving success in your courses while maintaining health, balance and well-being.  Interested in exploring Strategic Learning Strategies to enhance your learning process and create foundations for continued academic success?  Contact: