Frequently Asked Questions - General


Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Student Learning Center as a whole.

Where can I find general academic resources?

Great question! You can find a list of links to different academic resources here.

What programs and services have you previously held?

SPEAR Academy, a holistic six-week summer program designed to foster the academic, mental, and physical development of middle school students. In the program, scholars practiced the skills and mindset necessary for academic success. Scholars took courses in mathematics, science, writing, foreign languages, and foster a body-mind connection through practicing dance, yoga, martial arts and other activities.

Which division do you belong to?

Division of Undergraduate Education.

Who funds your organization

UC Berkeley generous donors and a diverse set of grants.

How many professional staff do you have?

We have around twenty full-time professional staff.

How many student staff do you have?

We have around three hundred student staff in any given semester.

How many programs do you have?

We have 15 programs.