Happy Summer & UCFTR Program Services!

May 17, 2023

Banner for May 2023 UCFTR Newsletter. Banner image includes trees in the foreground with the top of the Campanile in front of a cloudy blue sky. On the right hand side of the banner is text that reads "Happy Summer!"

Dear DeCal facilitators, 

Happy summer, and congratulations on completing Spring 2023! 

We hope that you have been enjoying the last couple of days and that you will be able to utilize the break to rest and recuperate, as well as pursue exciting academic, internship, and job opportunities!

Since the end of the school year, we have been hard at work scheduling out our schedule of summer services, and we are thrilled to announce that our summer services will be launching next Monday, May 22! 

We invite you to take advantage of our training workshops to shore up your facilitation skills or schedule a Consultation appointment to learn more about the DeCal proposal process. Our services will be offered throughout the summer until July 11, 2023, which is the Academic Senate deadline for Fall 2023 DeCals and is the last day to fulfill the mandatory training requirement for first-time facilitators. 

As the Academic Senate deadline approaches, we wanted to remind you that you will need to receive approval from your department sponsor first before sharing your materials with the Academic Senate. Please check out our Department-Specific DeCal Information sheet to identify your department sponsor’s deadline for DeCal proposal materials and reach out to us if you are unsure about your sponsor’s deadline. 

We hope that you have a great start to your summer, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can provide any support!