Join a Spring 2022 Math/Stat Adjunct!

January 19, 2022
The SLC Mathematics & Statistics Program is launching their Adjunct Courses for Spring 2022!
Math 98/198 and Stat 98/198 are 1-unit Pass/No Pass courses taken in conjunction with one of the following lecture courses: Math 1AB, 10B, 53, or 54, or Stat 134. The adjunct course is designed for students to explore and apply key learning strategies, develop high-level problem-solving techniques and make deep meaning of their course material. They provide opportunities for students to experience learning as an iterative process and learn from their mistakes in a positive, judgment-free and low-stakes community with their peers. By engaging in an active and collaborative learning experiences that are tailored to their specific learning needs, students will make significant progress towards understanding how to develop comprehensive knowledge of the material and become better learners.
More information, including videos, testimonials, schedule, and how to sign up, can be found at our website: