Discovery Program

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What We Do

SLC Discovery supports all Cal undergraduates in their pursuit of project-based learning, creative exploration, and transformative impact. Our scope of guidance includes course-related research and capstone projects, as well as independent co-curricular undertakings. By bringing creative resources, training, and perspective to the SLC's expansive academic service offerings, we help students engage more holistically across their learning needs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that positive social transformation begins with individuals who are encouraged to bring their full personal, intellectual, and creative resources to bear on their efforts to understand and connect with the world. Support for these efforts, we therefore believe, must be both genre-bending and community-bridging in structure and scope. By affirming each expression of knowledge as a creative act—and each search for knowledge as an exercise of creative skill—we emphasize the cultivation of individual and collective imagination. We believe that every student benefits from explicit training in the development of their inquisitive and expressive selves, and we trust in their ability to conceive new futures for inherited forms. Our vision is to provide all Cal undergraduates with the tools to become confident, versatile, self-aware makers who perceive the transformative potential of their actions and productively explore the human impact of their work.

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