Past Workshops

Navigating the Economics Major Workshop

Created to support prospective and current Economics students, this workshop covers the basics of declaration, popular upper-division courses, and tips for succeeding as an Econ major at Cal. The presentation will be given by experienced Economics peer tutors and be followed by 30 minutes of open Q&A.

Strategies for Excelling in Virtual Economics Coursework

To support students taking virtual Economics coursework, this workshop covers time-tested e-studying strategies for thriving online, such as ways to cultivate your cognitive presence, tips for managing your time effectively while drawing boundaries, and best practices for drawing on support resources available on campus.

Econ 1 & 100A Essay Workshop

To support Econ 1 and 100A students in their preparation for the final essay, this collaborative workshop covers tips for writing and insights on how to engage with the prompts. Participations will work collaboratively to brainstorm arguments, evidence, and ideas for sample final prompts.

Econ 100B Excel Workshop

Designed specifically for students who want to build on their Excel fundamentals or learn to use Excel as a data analysis tool, this workshop covers popular Excel shortcuts that you can use to boost your productivity, as well as tools for compiling, understanding, and dissecting data that can be applied to internships and research projects.

Econ 140 STATA Workshop

To further prepare students for research, this workshop aims to familiarize students with STATA interface, syntax and common statistical procedures like linear regression or graphs essential for writing a research paper. For those without Citrix or STATA, we have 30 7-day licenses for the workshop distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


RSVP links for workshops are emailed directly to our mailing list no earlier than a week before each session. You should be automatically added to our mailing list if you're enrolled in Econ 1, 2, 100A, 100B, 136, or 140. Please email if you have any questions about receiving emails from the SLC.