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For Students Experiencing Academic Difficulty



Strategic Learning Resources

Cal places great demand on students academically, physically and socially. In supoorting students in meeting the demands of the university, the Strategic Learning Program introduces students to a comprehensive network of support to bolster students' personal and academic succees.  The network includes college and major advisors, academic counselors in Educational Opportunity Program, learning specialists in the Disabled Student Program and psychologists. Staff work collaboratively in assisting students in naming their challenges and resolving them.  Students who are on Academic Probation and/or not achieving optimal academic success are encourged to leverage this network of professinal support. 

Strategic Learning Coaching and Consultations

During this important time of academic, personal and social transformations, Cal students have the opportunity to build a network of academic resources, create learning goals and acheive healthy study pracitices. Moreover, you will gain an understanding of your learning process and build a powerful learning practices. For appointments, please e-mail

Four Key Factors to Consider:

1. You are not alone. Meeting the academic demands of a large research university will stretch you intellectually and enhance your growth as a scholar.  In fact, you are part of an interconnected hub of intellectuals comprised of faculty, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, staff and adminstrators. working collectively in offering you an experience to locate your best self.   university community of staff professionals, instructors, tutors, peer coaches and classmates who want to support your success.   Challenge yourself to seek out others with common interests or aspirations. Engage in communities of practice that bolster your personal and academic experience during your tenure at Cal.   Join a study group at the SLC, work one-one-one with a tutor, enroll in a Math Adjunct or enroll in a strategic learning course.  Leveraging the support of motivated peers builds enthusiasm, accountability, new perspectives, and strengths your sense of belonging. 

2. Your life path is yours.  Yet, it is very difficult not to compare yourself with others. Challenges happen for us and are meant to build our resilence and affirm our dreams and aspirations. Obstacles occur in our lives to make transparent our ingenuity and grit. However, despite our unique challenges, we do not have to resolve our problems alone. Take advantage of the resources that are waitng for you to identify solutions. "Academic Difficulty" often has nothing to do with our capacity, drive, or focus. 

3. Learning is a process.  Both failure and success are necessary components for growth.

4. Develop an action plan for your success as opposed to just reacting. Identify short and long term goals, create an action plan, be consistent with your level of engagement and reflection, acknowledge that learning is a recursive process. Create an accountable mechanism for meeting your learning objectives andgoals.