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For Students Exploring Learning Differences



All of the resources listed below can be beneficial to students who identify with having learning differences or who want to explore and better understand their own learning styles and processes. 

Strategic Learning Coaching/Study Strategies Consultations

Interested in mapping a plan for success? Work with an academic coach to explore effective learning strategies for your courses.  Identify your learning strengths. Pinpoint areas of academic challenges.  Then re-frame challenges into opportunities for success and growth.  Understand your learning processes and build powerful learning practices at Cal. For appointments, please email us at

Education 98/198 : Exploring Learning Differences, The Power of Divergent Learning and Creativity 

This course will focus learners to learn about their learning at the research university.  We will explore three central questions about learning:  1) How does learning work? 2) How do I learn best? 3) How do I cultivate divergent learning and creativity in a learning environment that embraces innovation, critical thinking, and applying knowledge to create solutions that change the world?  How might divergent thinking and creativity be embraced to increase productivity, enjoyment, and motivation in an undergraduate's learning process at a complex research university with heightened learning demands and intellectual opportunity?

This 2 unit seminar-course assists students with learning differences 1) to increase their knowledge about specific learning processes, 2) to unpack the new learning demands in a rich, research university learning environment, 3) to improve the applications of effective learning and study strategies, 4) to enhance learning by using assistive technology and campus resources.