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Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring is available and free for all students enrolled in Summer Session courses. Drop-In Tutoring is a collaborative space designed to encourage students’ work in groups with a tutor as a guide on problem sets, concepts, or anything related to the material in their courses. The tutors may provide a conceptual framework on a given concept or create parallel problems to assess and develop content mastery.
During the summer, tutoring begins on the first Wednesday of Session C and during the last week of Session C. We are located in the southwest corner of the Chavez Atrium located in the Chavez Student Center on Lower Sproul Plaza. If you are interested in our services just sign in to the Drop-In computer using your SID (Student Identification Number).

Drop-In Tutoring is provided for the following courses: Math 1AB, 16AB, 32, 53, 54, 55 and Stat 2, 20, W21, 131, 134. If you are enrolled in a course not on the above list and still want to receive support you are welcome to sign in as “Other Math” or “Other Stat” as appropriate and there may be a tutor available to work with you. Be sure to let the senior tutor know which course are interested in working on and we will assess how we can best support you.

For information regarding all of the other SLC Summer Session Services see the Summer Sessions Homepage.