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FIRST YEAR SUCCESS (Freshmen and Transfer Students)

Strategies for Success

Whether you are making your transition as a first-year freshman or transfer student, explore specific strategies for success while acclimating to the new academic, social, cultural, and courseload demands of Berkeley.  Through course-based support, new undergraduates can enroll in our 2-unit Education 98/198 course.  The small seminar-style course, class discussion, readings, and assignments empower first-year undergraduates to establish academic pressence, leverage campus resources, build integral academic/professional networks, while establishing a sense of belonging alongside motivated peers.  Students enrolled in the courses also work with peer Strategic Learning Coaches (pSLCs) who work in partnerships with scholars to envision, design, and plans for success. 

Education 98/198 : G.O.A.L.S for Success:  Growing Optimized Active Learning Strategies for Success (Not offered for Fall 2018)

This 2 unit seminar assists students in making the transition to Cal by helping them enhance their learning strategies to meet the demands of Cal, sharpen their time management skills, and maintain health, well-being and balance in their lives.  This seminar is a fantastic investment of time to share and adopt appropriate study strategies to thrive at Cal.

What first-year students have said about the course:

"I would 100% recommend this course to others, especially first-semester students like myself.  If they want to ease their transition into CAL, this is the course!"

"Taking this class increased my motivation and helped me to do better in ALL of my classes"

"I liked the small, personal environment in the course which helped me make new friends.  And I also liked that this course helped me to know that I am not alone in the many struggles in college."

"This course was really helpful in my transition from high school to college."

"This course is a MUST for transfer students!"

"This was a course that helped to build my confidence at Berkeley and my academic success!"