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Academic Coursework

Bridge curriculum is designed to spark scholars' intellectual curiosity, stretch their academic horizon, and bolster their ability to succeed at Cal. Scholars will enroll in two academic courses, for a total of 6-8 units, carefully selected to reflect their major and career interests. 

Course Offerings

Scholars will be able to choose from 13 courses offered in Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Arts & Humanities and Reading & Composition. All courses count toward UCB graduation requirements. For a complete course schedule, please click here.    

Course Placement

Scholars are placed in their courses by the Summer Bridge Placement Committee after considering the following factors:

• Scholars' self-identified academic and career interests
• Previous college-level coursework
• Performance on selected AP, IB and SAT exams
• Score on Analytical Writing Placement Exam

To help us identify the best combination of courses for you, please fill out the Course Placement Input Form (TBA). Scholars will receive and register for their summer courses during Bridge Orientation Week. Advance enrollment is not necessary.

Textbooks and Supplies

Scholars do not pay out-of-pocket for their textbooks; instead, charges are billed to their CalCentral account and are due with all other Bridge fees. 

Academic Expectations

Bridge scholars are expected to pass all courses with a grade of C or better (or Pass in Pass/Not Pass courses). Scholars are further expected to:

• Attend all lectures, discussions, workshops, and scheduled tutoring sessions;
• Come prepared to engage fully in lectures, discussions, workshops, and tutoring sessions;
• Complete all reading, writing, and homework assignments on time, including any missed work; and
• Maintain the utmost academic integrity in all coursework.

A pattern of unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the program.


Each scholar's UC transcript and GPA will include the grades and credits earned during Bridge.

Bridge scholars are expected to take all courses for a letter grade, except where only offered on a Pass/Not Pass (P/NP) basis. Scholars must speak to their course instructor and designated Bridge advisor before changing a graded class to P/NP.  The deadline to change the grading option is July 27.