Words from Summer Bridge Scholars

Virtual Bridge Alums

Summer Bridge allowed me to get an understanding of Berkeley and the academic rigor of Berkeley
Bridge transformed my journey by giving me unique opportunities to meet strong minded, and strong
Summer Bridge offered me the chance to navigate the twists and turns of entering college while also
Being a first generation student with limited resources in high school, I realized how many opportun
Michelle Santiago-Nunez shares that Bridge exposed them to resources and helped them find community.
Participating in Summer Bridge allowed me to develop the study habits of a successful student
Summer Bridge courses were exciting, rigorous, and filled with interaction with other students.

In-Person Bridge Alums

Summer Bridge made a second home for me at Cal. Being a Bridgie allowed me
Bridge was a great transitionary time from high school to college. Taking college level classes in a
Bridge helped me get out of my comfort zone and develop the confidence for success at Cal. It gave
I learned how to navigate the services provided on campus and gained a head start in my academics.
Summer Bridge introduced me to the academic rigor and taught me study habits to be successful at Cal
Looking back on my Summer Bridge experience, I realize how different my journey would have been had
Bridge welcomed me into an environment where the professors were rigorous but had passion for teach