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Academic Writing Workshops

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Our academic writing workshops provide Cal undergraduates with the tools to take their writing to the next level! Writers will practice key elements of academic writing and acquire a clear understanding of writing conventions and expectations at Cal. They will come away with an enhanced ability to create a strong essay and the confidence to project their academic voice.

Please check back soon for our Fall 2018 schedule!

The Blueprint to Academic Writing Success

This interactive workshop covers key strategies for becoming effective academic writers. We will explore the writing process and discuss academic expectations at Cal. Writers will come away with tools to effectively engage the writing process and an action plan that will put them on the path to academic writing success.

Make a Statement with Your Thesis

The thesis statement is the heart of the academic essay: It identifies your main argument, informs the reader of the purpose of your essay, controls and focuses your discussion, and gives your paper a clear sense of direction. In this hands-on workshop, we will unpack key components of a thesis statement and practice the tools to construct an effective statement from scratch.

Bolstering the Structure of Your Essay

In this workshop, we will unpack key structural elements of the academic essay and practice the tools to construct a solid paper. You will come away with a renewed appreciation for paragraphing and an enhanced ability to organize your ideas.

Navigate Grammar (and Have a Blast Doing It!)

Come engage in hands-on, fun-filled activities to further strengthen your grasp of grammar - from sentence structure to punctuation! Whether you are a speaker of one or several languages, you will benefit from [re]acquainting yourself with many of the rules that shape and enrich English-language writing.

Useful Tips for Last-Minute Editing

Come explore quick strategies for polishing your paper when you don’t have the luxury of time! Find out how you can spot careless errors and implement quick changes to elevate your writing.

Revision Strategies for Serious Writers

In this workshop, we will discuss the centrality of revision to the writing process and present concrete strategies for improving your paper. You will come away with your critical eye activated and the ability to apply your critical critical eye to your paper. You will become more adept at balancing complexity with nuance, creativity with precision, and simplicity with clarity.