#InOurCleanHands Call-to-Action


As the primary academic support unit on campus, the Student Learning Center has the privilege of serving hundreds of students per day, making us a lush ground for academic and cultural cross-fertilization. Unfortunately, this robust traffic can also make us vulnerable to infectious microbes. We invite you to join us in taking the matter #InOurCleanHands to protect our learning community from the spread of the common cold, influenza, and currently, the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Starting the week of March 8th, every access point to the SLC, every classroom, every drop-in station, and every staff office will be equipped with hand sanitizer for your use. Whenever you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water, pump a generous amount of sanitizer in your hands, rub them together for at least 25 seconds, and let them dry completely before resuming your activity. 

See below to learn more about how you can wash or sanitize your hands properly.

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Hand-Washing Steps Using the WHO Technique
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Hand-Rubbing Steps Using the WHO Technique