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SLC Science Open Tutoring Positions

New science tutors participating in a new tutor training exercise.

New SLC Science tutors participating in a tutor training exercise. All new SLC Science tutors take a weekly new tutor training seminar.

SLC Science Open Tutoring Positions:
Fall 2017

The SLC Science program is no longer accepting applications to be a science tutor for this fall. 

Applications for the Spring will be available in Mid-November.


Field Study (Credit/Audit) Tutoring Positions

Applications are still being considered for credit/audit tutoring positions for the open subjects below.

Students tutoring under the SLC's tutor field study program have the choice of either receiving credit or auditing the program for no units, and typically tutor only one course and the associated lab course (physics tutors tutor for 2 courses). These are the courses in which we are still accepting field study tutor applicants.

Biology 1A/1AL Physics 8A/8B Chemistry 1A/1AL
Biology 1B Physics 7A/7B Chemistry 3A/3AL
NST 10   Chemistry 3B/3BL
MCB 102   Chemistry 4B


Paid Study Group Leader Positions (filled for Fall 2017)

SLC science study group leaders lead a 4 hour/week study group in which they coach students through some of Cal's lower division science courses by a combination of lecturing, quizzes, worksheets, handouts, exam review sessions and directed group work. Group leaders are expected to assist and mentor the less experienced tutors both in drop-in tutoring and in their training.  In order to do this position, the applicant should have significant tutoring and/or teaching experience that involved a training component.

Potential study group leader openings for Spring 2018:  Bio 1B, Physics 8A, Physics 8B, Physics 7A


Paid Tutoring Positions

Paid tutors are required to tutor a subject area rather than an individual course. Because of this, there are specific course requirements for paid tutor positions. These requirements are listed below along with the subject areas in which we are accepting new tutor applicants. Paid tutors are expected to assist and mentor the more inexperienced tutors both in the Drop-in Tutoring Area and in their training.


Subject Area Course Requirements


Completed one year of physics (preferably 7A, 7B)
No more openings for Fall 2017

General Chemistry

Completed Chem 1A or 4A plus one other chemistry course
No more openings for Fall 2017

Organic Chemistry

Completed one year of organic chemistry lecture and lab
No more openings for Fall 2017

Nutritional Science

Completed NST 10 plus preferably one other NST course
No more openings for Fall 2017