Physics 110A & 110B

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Spring 2022 Physics 110A Course Information

Instructors: Liang Di 

Course ID: 26920

Meeting Times: TuTh 9:30-10:59am

Course Description: Basic concepts of statistical mechanics, microscopic basis of thermodynamics and applications to macroscopic systems, condensed states, phase transformations, quantum distributions, elementary kinetic theory of transport processes, fluctuation phenomena. Some knowledge of Python required for homework assignments. Students who have not taken Physics 77 or Data Science 8 are encouraged to complete the Python tutorials provided by the Physics Department.

Spring 2022 Physics 110B Course Information

Instructors: Ehud Altman

Course ID: 25777

Meeting Times: MWF 10:00-10:59am

Course DescriptionA course emphasizing electromagnetic theory and applications; charges and currents; electric and magnetic fields; dielectric, conducting, and magnetic media; relativity, Maxwell equations. Wave propagation in media, radiation and scattering, Fourier optics, interference and diffraction, ray optics and applications.

Spring 2022 Services Offered 

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