Physics 111A & 111B

Physics 111A

Spring 2022 Physics 111A Course Information

Instructors: Joel Fajans

Course ID: 25780

Lab Hours: M 12:00pm-4:00pm, TWThF 1pm-5pm

Course Description: The instrumentation lab (formerly Basic Semiconductor Circuits) is an introductory course in basic design, analysis and modeling of circuits, and data analysis and control. Topics include but not limited to: linear circuits, semiconductor diodes, JFETS, Op-Amps, Labview programming, ADC and DAC converters, signal processing, and feedback control.

Spring 2022 Physics 111B Course Information

Instructors: Hartmut Haeffner, Eric Ma

Course ID: 25782

Lab Hours: M 12:00pm-4:00pm, TWThF 1pm-5pm

Course Description: In the advanced experimentation lab students complete four of 20+ advanced experiments. These include many experiments in atomic, nuclear, particle physics, biophysics, and solid-state physics, among others.

Spring 2022 Services Offered

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