Study Groups

Study Groups Science


Study groups provide an inclusive and problem-based learning environment where students connect with one another to master their science coursework. Guided by a peer facilitator who has successfully completed the course, students discuss class concepts, collaborate to solve problems, and engage in reflective practice to enhance their understanding of the subject matter. They also cultivate effective strategies to bolster their science learning toolkit. Students who participate in study group form a support network and deepen their understanding for long-term success in the sciences.

Join a Study Group

Note: Study Groups are not being offered in Spring 2024. You can join us in Drop-in Tutoring and Topic Reviews to connect with classmates and peer tutors! Check out the Drop-in Problem Sets for weekly practice problems.

Study groups are open for students to join at any point in the semester. Please note that in person study group sessions are limited by room capacity and seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to attend study group regularly in order to benefit most from peer collaboration and content review.