Study Groups

Study Groups Science


Study groups provide an inclusive and problem-based learning environment where students connect with one another to master their science coursework. These weekly sessions shrink lectures down to intimate groups that promote meaningful engagement with the material. Guided by a peer facilitator who has successfully completed the course, students discuss class concepts, collaborate to solve problems, and engage in reflective practice to enhance their understanding of the subject matter. They also cultivate effective strategies to bolster their science learning toolkit. Students who participate in study group form a support network and deepen their understanding for long-term success in the sciences.

During the regular academic year, study groups are offered for the following courses:

  • Chemistry 1A, 3A, 3B


Study groups meet weekly for two hours throughout the semester, beginning the third week of instruction. To view session dates and times, please visit our live study group schedule.

How to Sign Up

To ensure an intimate learning environment where all members can actively engage, each study group accommodates up to 25 students. Thus, advanced registration is required to join. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis and students are encouraged to sign up early in the semester. Students who sign up for a study group that is full may request to be added to the waitlist. If seats become available, waitlisted students will be notified and given the option to join.

Attendance Policy

Please note that although participation in a SLC Science study group is voluntary, students must commit to attending regularly. Members who have two consecutive absences or three total absences will be dropped from the study group. Students may not rejoin the same study group from which they were dropped; they must sign up to join or be added to the waitlist for a different study group.

Attending a Virtual Session

Study group sessions are held via Zoom. Study group members will receive an email from their peer facilitator to join their session at the scheduled meeting time. Please see the steps for attending a virtual session below:

  1. For an optimal experience, ensure you are in a quiet location and connected to a reliable WiFi network.
  2. Download Desktop Client for Zoom and login via SSO (Activate Licensed Account through Calnet).
  3. At the time of your session, your peer facilitator will send you the session ID and meeting link. Click the link to join in!