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Statistics 2

Formats of Service for Statistics 2 (Spring 2019)

Faculty Lec Time
Study Group
Kaufman, C MWF 8-9 No Yes TBD Yes

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Study Groups

The Study Group serves as a collaborative space for students to work together on worksheets and discuss material in small inclusive group environment. The Study Group Leader facilitates these discussions as well as summarizes key concepts, reviews for the lecture exams, and addresses individual questions during office hours.

Study Group attendance is flexible and allows students to attend at any point during the semester. Of course, more is gained from consistent attendance! Just attend any session and add your name and SID to the sign-in sheet. Study Groups begin the 3rd week of instruction and continue until the end of instruction. Most room locations are located in Cesar Chavez.
If you cannot regularly attend the Study Group attached to your lecture and professor, you are welcome to attend other Study Groups for the same course number. However, note that the pacing and emphasis will be geared towards the professor that specific Study Group is assigned to.

Faculty Lec Time SG Leader SG Time Location
Kaufman, C MWF 8-9 Kim, H TuTh 1-2 113 Chavez


Students can get help on their homework assignments on a first-come, first-served basis. Drop-In tutoring is designed for students who need specific help on a given concept or problem set. Tutors assist students by providing a conceptual framework and creating parallel problems to the homework questions that students bring. Typically there are 10 to 15 tutors working per hour, and we work with students individually or in small groups. Drop-In Tutoring is a great way to meet and work with fellow students as well as to get assistance with your coursework.

Drop-In Tutoring starts the 3rd week of instructions and continues until the last day of instruction. Students sign up at the Math/Stat Drop-In computer in the Cesar Chavez Atrium by room 103, Our hours are Mon-Thu 10-4.