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Chemistry P

**Update: Chemistry P will not be offered in Summer 2018.

Chemistry P is a course taught through the Student Learning Center that is designed to prepare students to take Chemistry 1A the following semester. This Fall, the SLC will be offering four Chem P lectures. Three sections of Chem P are for currently enrolled Berkeley students.  One lecture is being taught specifically for students in the Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF). Note: Chemistry P is only offered in the summer and fall semesters.  There will not be a Chem P class in Spring 2018.

Why should I to participate in Chem P?

Although Chem 1A is a beginning course, it is generally taught with the idea that the students have not only had high school chemistry, but also that they have retained much of that material. As a result, it is often hard for students that either don't have a strong chemistry background or just don't remember their high school chemistry well to do as well in the class as they would like. 250-350 students choose to take Chem P each year to address this.

The first half of Chem P emphasizes the basics of high school Chemistry that are usually covered very quickly or not at all in Chem 1A. These topics include dimensional analysis, an introduction ot the periodic table, stoichiometry and limiting reactants, radioactivity, and solution calculations. 

The second half focuses on some of the more difficult topics from Chem 1A. That way, the material won't be so foreign when it's covered in more depth in 1A. These topics include Lewis Dot Structures, equilibrium, macro-scale gas laws, and introductory quantum mechanics of the atom.

There will be one midterm and a final exam in the class. There aren't any formal labs in Chem P.

Fall 2017 Chem P Timeline:

Th, June 17 Applications for Fall 2017 Chem P opens. 
Th, August 17 First confirmation email to Chem P applicants sent. 
Wed, August 23 No Chem P meeting. 
Th/Fri, August 24-25 No discussion section meetings this week.
Mon, August 28 Introductory Chem P meeting.  Information for the semester and diagnostic exam given. 
Wed, August 30 First Chemistry lecture. 
Th Aug 31 & Fri Sept 1 No Discussion Section Meetings this week. 
Mon, Sept 4 Labor Day holiday.  No classes this day.
Wed, Sept 6 Second Chem P Lecture.
Th/Fri, September 7-8 Discussion Sections Meet for the first time.

What time will Chem P be offered?

Chemistry P will not be offered in Summer 2018.


How Do I Sign Up For Chem P?

Chemistry P will not be offered in Summer 2018.


How Many Units Is Chem P Worth?

Chem P is not worth any units so you will need to enroll in at least 13 units worth of classes in addition to it. It will not appear on your transcript.

The exception to this is that students in the College of Natural Resources and the College of Engineering can get 2 units from their college for taking Chem P.  This is only for students in CNR and Engineering. 

Because we know that you are taking a full load of classes along with this one, we have designed Chem P to minimize its impact on the rest of your schedule.

How Do I Know If I Got into the class?

Chemistry P will not be offered in Summer 2018.