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Chemistry 32



A collaboration between the Chemistry department and the Student Learning Center, Chemistry 32 provides students with the foundation and preparation for General Chemistry at UC Berkeley. In this 2-unit course, students will strengthen their understanding of fundamental chemistry concepts as well as cultivate the habits, strategies, and mindset necessary to succeed in the sciences.

In addition to lecture, students participate in learning pods, where they hone their problem-solving skills through collaboration and reflection.

Chem 32 serves students with limited background or no exposure to chemistry. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Atoms, molecules, elements, and periodic trends
  • Chemical reactions and calculations
  • Properties of gases and gas laws
  • Thermodynamics
  • Acid/base chemical equilibrium


Please check back in mid-August for updates about Chem 32.


Students interested in registering for Chem 32 must submit a course interest form. The College of Chemistry will directly contact students enrolled in the course.

Please check back in mid-August for updates about Chem 32.