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Math and Statistics

What We Do

Professional staff and trained, accomplished undergraduates offer structured, engaging and collaborative learning support to students so that they thrive and succeed while engaging with the math and statistics they encounter throughout the UC Berkeley undergraduate curriculum.

Our Philosophy

The SLC Mathematics and Statistics Program strives to motivate students to engage fully in the material presented in the math and statistics of the UC Berkeley undergraduate curriculum. By working with our program to develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills, study and problem solving strategies, and participate in a community of scholars both inside and outside of the classroom, students realize their potential and develop passion for the material in order to achieve academic success.

Formats of Service

The services the SLC Mathematics and Statistics Program offers are designed to support undergraduates through every point in their learning process. Please explore the course-specific pages to see which formats are offered for your course and click on the headers below for a summary of the types of services available.

Adjunct Courses

Math 98/198 and Stat 98/198 are 1-unit courses taken in conjunction with one of the following lecture courses: Math 1AB, 10AB, 16AB, 32, 53, or 54, or Stat 134. The Adjunct courses explore key study and test-taking strategies, and problem solving techniques specific to the lecture they are linked to. We review the conceptual framework of the material covered in lecture and give you time to work on and learn from problems of varying difficulty in order to achieve mastery.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in enrolling in the Adjunct you must enroll or be on the waiting list of the lecture that the Adjunct course is supporting. In order to enroll, you must attend the first meeting or contact the instructor by the day of the first meeting.  The instructor distributes the course number to all students who have shown commitment to the course by the end of the Adjustment Period.  This allows you to check out the Adjunct before you fully commit.  Please note that enrollment is limited to 25 students, so students must attend the first meeting or contact the instructor by the day of the first meeting.

Spring 2019 Offerings

During the Spring 2019 semester we are offering Adjunct Courses for: Math 1A, Math 1B, Math 10B, Math 16BMath 53, Math 54, and Stat 134.

Study Groups

The Study group serves as a collaborative space for students to work together on worksheets and discuss material in small inclusive group environment. The Study Group leader facilitates these discussions as well as summarizes key concepts, reviews for the lecture exams, and addresses individual questions during office hours. Study Groups typically support the following courses: Math 1A, 1B, 16AB, 32, 53, 54 and Stat 2, 20,  21, 134.

How to Sign Up

Study group attendance is flexible and allows students to attend at any point during the semester. Of course, more is gained from consistent attendance! Just attend any session and add your name and SID to the sign-in sheet. Study Groups begin the 3rd week of instruction and continue until the end of instruction. Most room locations are located in Cesar Chavez. 

Spring 2019 Offerings

During the Spring 2019 semester, we are (tentatively) offering Study Groups for: Math 16AMath 55Stat 2Stat 20, and Stat 21.

Exam Reviews

We offer a review before a lecture midterm. The reviewer summarizes the important topics and gives a practice exam for students to self-assess their comprehension of the course material and problem solving skills. Exam Reviews typically support the following courses: Math 1A, 1B, 16B, and Stat 2, 20, 21, 134 

The reviews sessions are designed to go over major course concepts, key problem solving strategies and test taking strategies before the lecture midterm. The reviewer will provide a practice exam or review packet that summarizes the important topics in the course and also guides you through connecting and synthesizing the content in the course.

How to Sign Up

Announcements will be made in lecture when we plan to offer a review. Typically the exam review is given the weekend before a lecture midterm for any course that we support with a Study Group. The review is open to all students in the course; all students who do not attend the Study Group are encouraged to attend. See the course page for the latest information on room locations and times.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring is a collaborative space designed to encourage students to work with tutors or each other on problem sets, concepts, theory, or anything else related to the material in their courses. The tutors may provide a conceptual framework on a given concept or create parallel problems to assess and develop content mastery. Typically there are 10 to 15 tutors available every hour to work with students in small groups or individually. Drop-In Tutoring is provided for the following courses: Math 1AB, Math 10AB, Math 16AB, 32 , 53, 54, 55 and Stat 2, 20, 21, 131A, and 134. 

How to Sign Up

Drop-In Tutoring is free for all students and starts the 3rd week of instruction and continues until the end of instruction. Students should sign in at the Math/Stat Drop-In computer in the Cesar Chavez Atrium by room 103. Drop-In Tutoring is open Mon-Thu 10-4.