Statistics 134

Course Name

Concepts of Probability

Course Description

An introduction to probability, emphasizing concepts and applications. Conditional expectation, independence, laws of large numbers. Discrete and continuous random variables. Central limit theorem. Selected topics such as the Poisson process, Markov chains, characteristic functions.

Fall 2021 Services Offered

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How to Sign Up for the Fall 2021 Stat 134 Adjunct Course

If you are interested in enrolling in the Fall 2021 Stat 134 adjunct courses you must enroll in or be on the waiting list for the appropriate section of Stat 134. Please fill out and submit a Sign-Up Form, which will be available below soon, to receive information for attending the first meeting of adjunct, which will be held on Zoom.

We require prospective students to attend the first meeting of adjunct, and also try out the adjunct for the first three weeks of the semester before formally enrolling, so students can evaluate whether the adjunct will be beneficial to them and whether they have the ability to engage fully with the course. If you cannot attend the first meeting, please contact your instructor by the day of the first meeting. Additional requirements and assignments for enrollment are detailed in the course syllabus, available below. We value students committed to working consistently at the pace that we set, a pace designed to ensure students keep up with the associated lecture course and engage in the learning process. 

Course Syllabus and Sign-Up Forms: Available Soon

If you have any questions regarding the adjunct, please contact the Adjunct Instructor, whose contact information will be available in the syllabus.