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Become a Science Tutor

The Student Learning Center Science Program is excited to invite you to join our team! As tutors, you will support fellow Science students in strengthening their grasp of Science coursework and navigating the rigor of the discipline at Cal. In doing so, you will solidify your own knowledge while honing your ability to communicate, collaborate, and contribute effectively in a dynamic and diverse learning environment.


Tutor positions are available for the following courses:

Biology 1A/1AL

✔ Chemistry 1A/1AL

✔ Chemistry 3A/3AL

✔ Chemistry 3B/3BL



✔ Attend weekly training seminar

✔ Support fellow students in Drop-in

✔ Review coursework and lecture notes

✔ Attend lecture and take notes, as assigned

✔ Assist study group and exam review facilitators, as needed



✔ Must have completed the courses(s) you wish to tutor with a B or higher

✔ Must be able to attend weekly training seminar: Tuesdays, 4-5:30PM

✔ Ability to commit 8 hours/week


Additional requirements:

✔ Strong interest in collaborative learning

✔ Strong interest in and ability to work with peers from diverse backgrounds

✔ No more than two “Incompletes”

✔ Not on academic probation

✔ Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better


Update: We are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2018 tutor cohort.