Frequently Asked Questions - Economics


Frequently Asked Questions about our Economics Program.


Do you provide answer keys?

Our emphasis is on equipping you with economic analysis tools and quantitative reasoning skills, so we engage in the problem-solving process with you instead of just providing answer keys.

How do you know that the content the tutors prepare reflects the class?

In preparation for all our services, our tutors attend lectures, visit office hours, and meet on a weekly basis to work on class assignments together. For exam reviews, they also consult the teaching faculty and/or Head GSI to hammer out the content they believe best represent the focus of the class.

What kind of training do Economics tutors receive?

We place top priority on our tutors’ training. All tutors are required to attend weekly training seminars where we read and discuss research papers on peer pedagogy and education at large. Our goal is to equip every tutor with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively serve their peers.

What is the relationship between the SLC & UC Berkeley Economics department?

Our tutors attend lectures, visit office hours and consult teaching professors and/or Head GSIs for content preparation. We maintain an open line of communication with the department in order to best represent the courses we serve.

What services does the SLC Economics Program offer?

The SLC Economics Program currently offers 2 formats of service: drop-in tutoring and exam review sessions. Drop-in tutoring starts week 3 of the semester until the last week of instruction and exam review sessions take place during exam seasons.

Do you offer study groups?

At this point, our services include only drop-in tutoring and exam reviews.

Do you offer summer service?

At this point, we only offer services for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Drop-in Tutoring

How does drop-in tutoring work?

Drop-in tutoring takes place in the Cesar Chavez Atrium between the hours of 10AM and 2PM from Monday to Thursday. Drop by at a time that works for you to work with a peer tutor on economic materials of your choice like problem sets, lecture exercises, or concept review. Check out the course-specific schedule here

How do I sign up for drop-in tutoring?

No prior sign-up is required! Simply come to the Cesar Chavez Atrium, sign in with your SID, and head to the table reserved for your Economics course. Just be sure to check the course-specific drop-in schedule here before coming in.

Exam Review Session

What will be covered at SLC Economics exam review sessions?

Review materials are typically a mix of concept review and practice problems, with slight variations depending on the course. Materials are designed based on class materials and in consultation with faculty and/or head GSIs.

How do I sign up for an exam review?

RSVP links for upcoming review sessions are posted on our live exam review schedule, announcements, and emailed to our mailing list no earlier than a week before each session. Seats fill up quickly, so reserve a spot as soon as you can! We recommend following our Facebook page to receive real-time notifications.

If you think your email is not on our mailing list, please contact

Why didn’t I receive an RSVP form for SLC exam reviews even though I’m in the class?

Your email address may not be on our mailing list. Please contact You can also check out our Announcements page and Facebook page for review session updates.

The RSVP form is closed. Can I still sign up?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We close RSVP forms when review rooms reach maximum capacity. In accordance with the university fire codes, we are unable to accommodate new signups.

I can no longer make the exam review session that I RSVP’d for. Can I switch to a different time?

It depends. If the RSVP form is still open, and the session you want to switch to is still listed, please email us at to change your RSVP. If not, that means the review rooms are at capacity and we won’t be able to switch you.