Frequently Asked Questions - Writing


Frequently Asked Questions about our Writing Program.

I’m a grad student at Cal, can I work with an SLC Writing Tutor?

Our services are for registered Cal Undergraduates only. We highly encourage you to follow up with your departmental advisors as well as visit the Graduate Writing Center for graduate level writing support.

Can I work on my personal statement or cover letters with a Writing Tutor?

As the Student Learning Center is an academic support unit, you can bring any academic writing assignment from a Cal course to a tutoring session. We do not support non-academic or creative writing. This includes, but is not limited to, cover letters, personal statements, resumes, application responses, GRE/TOEFL test essays, poems, and short stories. For support on cover letters, personal statements, and resumes, we encourage you to visit the Career Center

Can I work on grammar with a Writing Tutor?

Absolutely!  We engage writers in a conversation about any aspect of their own writing and the writing process, focusing on long-term growth rather than a single assignment. Thus, while we do not offer editing services, we talk with and empower writers to identify grammatical patterns, deepen their understanding of academic writing conventions, and develop strategies to improve the overall clarity of their writing. This supports writers to hone their writing skill sets to strengthen their overall academic writing voice.

How do I make an appointment?

It’s easy! Go to our online Appointment Center to make a one-time registration (be sure to use your bmail!). We also offer access to a text-only and mobile option. Registration takes less than 5 minutes. Once you create your account, you can begin booking appointments immediately.

Note: All white boxes are open slots! Appointments open 3 days in advance–– Monday’s appointment open every Thursday evening at 9PM (Fall) and 10PM (Spring/Summer). We encourage you to read the helpful tips at the top of the schedule to ensure you are able to book an appointment during busy times. You can book up to 2 appointments each week.