Frequently Asked Questions - Social Science

Social Science

Frequently Asked Questions about our Social Science Program.

Is attendance in study groups mandatory?

While attendance for study groups are not mandatory, we highly encourage participants to show up each week. Consistent attendance ensures that you are able to follow the content of the study group as it progresses. It also permits deeper conversation and meaningful connections among your peers. Therefore, if a group is full and a participant has not attended for 3 consecutive weeks, we will remove them from the group.

Do you only offer support for the classes listed on your website?

Currently, the SLC Social Science Program only supports the classes we've listed on our website. For those classes, we offer study groups and drop-in. If you are seeking support for written assignments, we encourage you to utilize the Writing Center at the SLC, as they have experienced peer tutors with diverse disciplinary backgrounds.

How do I sign-up for study groups or attend drop-in?

You can sign-up for study groups online. Please note that after week 6 of the semester the application will be closed; however you can contact our program directly ( if you would like to join the study group after week 6. Drop-in does not require you to sign-in beforehand, however, you will be asked to sign-in upon your arrival.