Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions about our Summer Bridge program

Are health and wellness services available?

University Health Services and the Recreational Sports Facility are both available to scholars.

Do Bridge Scholars choose their own courses?

With guidance from the program, scholars select the two courses that will best position them for academic and future success.

How are disabilities supported?

Academic and housing accommodations are provided to meet the individual needs of each scholar.

How many meals do Bridge scholars receive?

The Bridge meal plan includes 16 meals and 30 points per week.

How many scholars attend Bridge?

Between 350-400 scholars participate each summer; more than 7,200 scholars have completed Bridge since 1973.

How much does it cost to attend Summer Bridge?

The total cost of participation is between $6,787-$7,703; financial aid is available for those who qualify.

What is the difference between Bridge and Freshman Edge?

Both programs provide a high-quality transitional experience for first-year undergraduates but vary in scope. Bridge comes with a built-in suite of academic support services, advising, and peer counseling designed to further enable scholars to Make the Golden Bear Leap to Success. No other summer programs at Cal offer the same level of high-touch support as Bridge.

What requirements do Bridge courses fulfill?

All Bridge courses count toward units required to graduate, and many fulfill University and/or college requirements

When Does Bridge take place?

Bridge 2018 instruction begins Monday, June 18 and concludes Friday, August 10th. Scholars will move in on Sunday, June 17th; international scholars and student-athletes typically arrive 1-2 days earlier than other scholars

Where do Bridge scholars live?

Bridge scholars live in a campus residential complex just one block from campus.